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John Knutson

Conference Time: 7:15-8:00
Phone: (254) 981-2207
Subject: P.E.
7:15-8:00- Conference
8:00-8:50- 3rd Grade
9:00-9:50- 2nd Grade
10:00-10:50- 5th Grade
11:00-11:50- 4th Grade
12:00-12:30- Pre-K
1:00-1:50- Kindergarten
2:00-2:50- 1st Grade
2:50- 3:15- Dismissal
Athletic type shoes are required to participate in P.E. This for you students safety.  As well as it is in the student handbook.  Crocs, boots, Toms, Sperry, flip-flops and sandals are not athletic type shoes.  Shoes need to be close toed and have ankle support.  They should wear athletic type shoes every time they come to P.E. If a student wishes to wear other shoes, they will be required to bring proper footwear to change into before they come to P.E. 
About Me:  Hi, I am Coach John Knutson, the father to three awesome boys, Tres, Titus, and Ezra, and the husband for 14 years to one awesome nurse, Crystal. I like all things sports related. Especially the Dallas Cowboys, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Texas Rangers.  I have been teaching P.E. here at West Elementary for 14 years.  I graduated from ACU with a degree in All-Levels Physical Education and Health. GO WILDCATS!!! I really enjoy what I do and I hope to teach your students some life long activities when they come to P.E. 
ClassLink: West ISD uses ClassLink as a single sign on solution for students. The
URL for ClassLink is If a student is unsure
of how to access it, please have them contact me, and I’ll be glad to help!
Schoology/Classroom: West ISD uses Schoology as a learning management
system (LMS) for virtual classes at elementary. Students will access it through
ClassLink, so no separate login is needed. If a student is unsure of how to access
ClassLink, please have them contact me, and I’ll be glad to help!