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The World According to Humphrey

West Elementary is excited to begin our Winter Family Literacy Event! Students in Grades 3-5 recently received a personal copy of The World According to Humphrey. Over the course of the next month, students and families are encouraged to set aside 15-20 minutes each night reading together as a family. 
When scheduling time to read with your child, try to schedule time that is most available for you and your family. It might be at the breakfast table instead of the bedroom before lights out. Think outside of the box and be sure to engage your children as much as possible. Pause at big words--did they comprehend what they mean? Are they understanding the overarching storyline? If there are large gaps between reading time, spend a few minutes talking about 'what happened when we left off.' It will help jog your memory, too!!
Feel free to come back to this page for audio recordings of each chapter from West ISD and the West ISD Board of Trustees. You will also find here fun activities to complete with your child at home, as well as educational activities such as important chapter by chapter vocabulary. 
"Humphrey's views underscore the importance of knowing the full story before making judgments, and his presence makes a positive difference in the lives of the people he meets." --School Library Journal for The World According to Humphrey
"Readers will find that seeing the world from Humphrey's standpoint is might satisfying." --Kirkus Reviews for Friendship According to Humphrey